About Us



Robinson’s Maple Products is a family owned and operated maple syrup farm in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. They continue a family tradition which began in the early 1900’s with Bill’s grandfather, John Charles Robinson. Bill realized his passion for maple early and started making maple syrup first as a hobby and soon after full time. In 1976, Bill and Susanne started Robinson’s Maple Products with 3800 taps.  In the following years they bought a Reverse Osmosis machine, cutting edge equipment at that time in the Ontario Maple Syrup Industry. Bill and Susanne have four children and when the girls were small, Bill and Susanne started packing their own syrup and selling it across Southwestern Ontario. They have always included the family in many aspects of production from gathering wood in the bush as well as packing, selling and delivering syrup. In 2019 their daughter Catherine and her husband Kevin, were passed the reigns of syrup making. Catherine and Kevin have three boys and are making sure to include them in the family business.

- Sincerely, Bill and Susanne Robinson & Family