Our Process



We begin tapping in the spring, just before there are consistent temperatures about zero degrees Celsius (usually mid-February).  We have a modern sugar bush, all on vacuum tubing that brings the sap to a storage tank. From there, it is filtered and processed through a reverse osmosis machine (a super fine filter that only lets water molecules through - so small that the dissolved sugar can't even get through!) to remove water from the maple sap. The concentrated sap is boiled with a steam fired evaporator, removing water through evaporation, until it reaches 66.6 degrees Brix (sugar content).  Once the season is over we clean the tubing, which we also do again in the fall before the freezing temperatures hit. 

Our facilities are inspected by three different inspectors to ensure our maple syrup is a quality product. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspects our facility to the Safe Food for Canadians Act and allows us to export all around the world. We are proud of our organic products and are certified annually by ProCert Organic Systems Ltd. We are also Inspected and certified Halal by ISNA Canada.  Robinson’s Maple Products is a member of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association and the North American Maple Syrup Producers Association.

We produce value added products out of our maple syrup all year round. These include Maple Butter, Maple Sugar Candy, Stirred Sugar, Maple Onion and Chives Dip (world famous), Maple Jelly, Maple Mustard and Maple Tarragon Sauce (a great marinade for chicken and fish). 

Maple Syrup is graded by its colour:

Grade A – Golden — Golden, Delicate Taste
Grade A – Amber — Rich, Amber Taste
Grade A – Dark — Dark, Robust Taste
Grade A – Very Dark — Very Dark, Strong Taste


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